Depending on the season, you have probably heard that floor tile can make a room cooler or warmer. But the fact is, tile flooring creates neither warmth nor cold.

That said, the surface affects the room's temperature in a few different ways. And the more you know about that, your shopping experience will improve.

Tile and the temperature of your home

Tile does an excellent job of distributing the heat created by radiant heating. As a result, even far corners of the room are as warm as every other.

Because of floor tile materials' makeup, it retains heat well, even in cold winter. The heat doesn't dissipate fast with these materials and helps keep your home warmer.

It works the same way in the summer, with tiles retaining the cool created by the air conditioner. In both situations, you'll be comfortable longer with these floors in place.

Enjoy this hard surface flooring in any area

If you need a bit more softness than these floors offer, consider area rugs or runners as an addition. This offers a splash of comfort where it's needed most.

Our tile shop offers rugs that work well in bedrooms, children's, and living rooms. And they'll even help reduce wear and collect dirt and debris daily.

Find the floor tile you need today

At Strand's Inc, we offer an excellent variety of flooring materials to meet your needs. In addition, our associates are standing by to help create a beautiful result for any size remodel.

We'll give you all the details about the tile flooring you want. And we have plenty of options for you to choose from while you're here.

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