Is all tile flooring the same?

Is all tile flooring the same?

When you walk into a tile store, you'll find an almost unlimited number of ceramics. All are beautiful, but not all are suitable for every installation.

Be sure to describe your project to us. The wrong or right one will impact your remodeling.

Wall vs. floor and other differences

Wall tiles are thinner, more slippery, and not meant to withstand the weight of walking. In addition, many also have different strength and absorption levels.

Porcelain: ideal for busy, heavily trafficked floors

This is ideal as a floor tile for rooms like the kitchen or bath. It also has a low absorption rate, making it frost-proof and able to stand up to the most severe weather.

Available in countless colors and designs, this can be made to look like anything. It's often the preferred choice for wood-and-stone look tiles.

Ceramic squares, mosaics, and others

The 4 X 4 square is commonly seen on walls, backsplashes, counters, and moderately busy indoor floors. Mosaics are highly decorated, tiny, and often glass-coated pieces.

You’ll see mosaics in our tile shop. Currently, they are trending for bathroom floors.

Terracotta bricks are highly durable and can be used indoors or out. In addition, their beautiful reddish-brown colors work so well with the organic rustic decor trend.

Subway tiles are best used on indoor low traffic floors, such as in the bedroom. Listellos are bands of border tiles that can make your floor design truly special.

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