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When you chose carpet

If you are considering carpet flooring for your home, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with the final results. In fact, this could be the beginning of a lifelong relationship between you and this amazing floor covering. You’ll quickly find it a gorgeous material with a soft and plush underfoot feel for both elegance and comfort every single day. Even if these were the only benefits you could take advantage of, it would probably still be worth it, but there’s so much more. It could be that this is the material that meets all your flooring requirements.

Strand’s Carpet has a humble history that began in 1955. Since that time, the company has advanced exponentially to include a variety of services that benefit both residential and commercial customers across a variety of needs. We offer an excellent selection of floors coverings, as well as professional design consultations, and service that proves our customers are our number one priority.

From our Marshalltown, IA showroom, we serve the communities of Marshalltown, Newton, Grinnell, and Grundy Center. We’d love the opportunity to serve you as well, and invite you to stop in for a visit at your convenience. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.
Luxurious carpet in Marshalltown, IA from Strand's

Carpet facts you should know

The first important bit of information you should know is that carpet should never be installed by novice installers. Not only are special tools needed, especially for successful seam attachment and carpet installation on stairs, but a good deal of experience is also necessary. This is the best way to assure a successful installation and that your warranty will never be voided.

Carpet flooring offers the softest underfoot feel of any floor covering. The level of softness is primarily due to the type of fiber used to create the flooring. Each fiber has specific characteristics, so one is likely to fill your needs better than others. For instance, wool offers some of the most beautiful colors, while nylon and polyester are very durable and long-lasting. Discussing your specific needs with your flooring specialist will assure you find the fiber that is best suited for your own particular needs.

Some additional benefits of carpet include excellent heat retention, noise reduction, as well as some manufacturers that provide built-in stain protection and hypoallergenic fibers. With so many benefits available to you, it could be that this material will gain your complete loyalty by the time it needs to be replaced.

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